Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And another one

This wall hanging wasn't a UFO for long. I made it this summer. I know alot of people don't care as much for the computer LAs but when I saw this done at a LQS I could not resist it. The back is just as cute as the front. I have already given this to my DIL. They love Halloween.
Today we saw some dolphins playing in the ocean. We also saw a sea gull eating a little fish. He was only about 10 feet from us. He sure had to swallow alot.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another UFO finished

You may remember this one. I worked on it when we were visiting Yellowstone last year. I was sewing the binding down and came to the last corner. Somehow I messed the corner up and had to fix it. Well it sat for over a year before I fixed the corner and sewed down the last half side. I hate doing binding so I really put off doing it. I know I am bad. It is just nice now to have it done.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

On vacation

Blogger won't let me edit this picture so bear with me.

We are taking a vacation to Myrtle Beach. This time we are staying for 2 weeks. The weather so far has been great. We have another week to go.

Before I left I was on a roll of finishing some UFO's. It really felt good!! Above is my Crazy Compass. It was all made in the embroidery hoop. It was on my design wall for over a year.
More UFO's that I got finished tomorrow.