Thursday, July 30, 2009

Super Give Away

What I wouldn't do with this one. Rachael has a really nice gift that any quilter would love to have. Check it out here

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lookin Up

Everything is getting better!! I am breathing much better. I figured out a trigger and tested it today. Sure enough that is what is was. Now I have to stay away from it.

Jonathan went for his check up and they are letting him start running again. He has to stay at 3 miles for now.

Chloe went to have her eyes checked and things look good. They do not think they will have to do any more adjusting. Now she just has to get her stitches out of her finger.

Amy is still in her cast but she sure can get around in it. I sometimes she accidentally hits her sisters with it. Katie says it hurts when she does it. LOL.

Now maybe I can get some pictures posted of quilting. I have done a little. But I am so far behind.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

So far behind!!

I am just so far behind with everything. This is the pits!! Still having trouble breathing. I went back to the Dr. Thursday and another antibiotic and a new allergy medicine. I keep hoping it is working. I was better yesterday and got my mini quilt finished and mailed. I have missed a bag class, a backpack class, and 2 of my Crazy Compass classes. The crazy compass is an embroidery in the hoop quilt. Each class has 4 blocks that take some time to sew out.

I think I found one of my triggers that makes my breathing worse. I will stay away from it for awhile and see.

I guess we are still having problems. Chloe is doing really good with her eyes. She was almost ready to get back into the pool. BUT, she got her finger caught in the door and broke her pinky. Not only broke it but had to have 11 stitches!! We took Isaac over yesterday so he could sign Amy's cast and see Chloe's finger. Isaac said Amy walked like a penguin. She waddles.

Cindy said when we left to be careful walking out. Their house has been very hazardous lately.

Yesterday they put( DSIL) Wes's father in ICU. He has been in the hospital for about a month but he got worse yesterday. They have some big decisions to make today. Since we are closer to the hospital and easier for the kids they will be here for awhile.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shot in the Behind

I went to the Dr. Monday and he gave me a shot. I feel so much better. I can breath again.

Chloe had her surgery and they think things went well. She has to go back in 2 weeks for a check. She hasn't wanted to open her eyes very much. They are swollen and sore. But yesterday she started doing better. Now her little sister that is another story.

Amy was playing on the trampoline Tuesday and broke her leg. They put it in a cast Wed. It goes from above her knee down. Poor thing has to have it for 8 weeks. She will have to start kindergarten with it. They did make it so she could walk with it. I feel so bad for her. What a way to start school.

They have it wrapped in an ace bandage till it dries. She wanted to stop by and show us on her way home. She said it felt better after they put the cast on. Today she probably doesn't say that. It is a real pretty shade of blue.

Now I have 2 grandkids that are not doing much for the rest of the summer. What a bummer!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Today Chloe has her eye operation. They are going to adjust the muscles in her eyes so the eyes will be level. They said this will help with her head tilt. Reading will be much better for her. I talked to her this morning and she sounded scared to death.
Doesn't she have a pretty smile?

Yesterday was Jonathan's 15th birthday. He wanted a sling shot. That should keep him entertained for about a week. He isn't doing to bad but I know he has a lot of energy that he can't work off.

Today is also back to the Dr. for me. My breathing is a little better but I sure don't feel good and I have no energy what so ever. I do good in the morning but am pooped by noon. I got to get better by this weekend. We are supposed to go with 7 other couples to Frankenmuth . I don't want to be a party pooper.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Beautiful Givaway

Amy at Kati Cupcake has a kit to give away. Isn't it so pretty??? Perfect for summer!

A Quilt Kit, with Amy Butler Fabric in it! This is Porch Pots by Quilt Soup, and you could be the winner of this lovely kit. It measures 60" x 68 1/4".

Visit her blog and leave a comment, make sure to let her know that I sent you her way. I'm not sure when the give away will happen, she doesn't have a date on it right now.

And I found another one. This one is super nice too. I sure would like to win one of these someday.
Go here.

Suzanne has this pretty summer bag. I love the colors. Wouldn't it be fun to carry? Check out here blog.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's better!

Jonathan is home and feeling good. He can't do any physical exercise till he goes back to Cleveland Clinic for a stress test. It should be in about 4 to 6 weeks. They did say he could golf. We had just got him a couple lessons. Now he can practice golf.

I am laying very low today. My breathing is still not up to par. I figure lay around and do nothing in the air conditioning might help.

During all this stuff with Jonathan my older son's dog feel off the bed and caught his leg in between matteress and frame. Buster pulled his leg out of the socket and twisted it. The Vet tried to put it back but it did not stay. They don't have the money it would take to fix it so they had to put him to sleep. I am sure it is a sad day over at their house today. He was nine years old.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to Normal I hope!

It has been a very hectic couple weeks but I think everything will settle down now.

It started on June 24 when I said we would take care of my DS's 4 girls. They wanted to get away to celebrate their 20th anniversary. So since I had the girls I thought I should have my DD's son too. What is one more? Well actually 2 more because Sara came to help. If we went anywhere we had to go in 2 cars and she can drive. It was really nice to have her help.

They stayed from Wed to Sunday night. It was alot of fun and they were all so good. But it was nice when they left.

Monday my DH passed a small kidney stone and I started coming down with broncitus. I am now on strong antiboitics, inhaler, predisone. YUCK

Wed afternoon DD's other son Jonathan started complaining of chest pains. She called and said they were bringing him down to have him checked out. Isaac and Sara came here while they took Jonathan to the emergycy room.

They gave him all kinds of tests and all came back normal but one. His heart enzymes were too high. They wanted him at the Heart Center for observation and more tests. They tested and tested and could not find out why is enzymes were so high.

Friday around noon they transferred him to Cleveland Clinic. We took Sara to her house to get clothes for the family then headed to Cleveland. That was a 5 hour plus ride there and 5 back. We just stayed long enough to see him settle in and so Isaac could see what was happening. We brought Sara and Isaac back home with us.

We got in at 2 am but they were still setting off fireworks in the neighborhood. Cassie our dog is scared of loud noises. Things finally settled down around 3. BUT our new neighbor decided to trim his bushes with a noisy electric hedge trimmer at 7 am. It was all I could do not to yell at him. We couldn't go back to sleep and we were dead tired. We sure did sleep Sat night though. The 4th is just a blur.

Sunday we go to church. It is a 45 min drive. We just get there and our DD calls and tells us that one of Jonathans tests got lost. Our hospital sent it overnight to Cleveland but sent it general delivery. No one could find it. Would we go back home, get a copy and bring it to them. So DH drops us off at Church goes back home to the hospital and comes and picks us up. Isaac doesn't want the long car ride so he stays with his cousins. Sara comes with us and decides to stay with Jonathan in Cleveland. He was starting to feel better and was getting very restless.

Today they did an intensive MRI and found that his heart is perfect there is not any damage. They think it was just a virus that attacked the sac in the back of his heart. He should be fine. His enzymes were so high 9.? (.1 is normal) that in an adult body the heart was have stopped. But it is different in kids. Plus he is in great shape and very healthy. He should be able to go back to sports in 4 to 6 weeks.

Now all we have to worry about is DGD Chloe is having an eye operation next Monday. They say it is minor but it is still scary.

It has not been a very good summer so far.