Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Birthday Wishes

I am late with birthday wishes. Dec 30 was Wes's. He is my DSIL.
I had to take a picture of him because all I had on my computer was him sleeping. That's what he does best at our house.
On Dec 31 was Cortney's birthday. She turned 14. It is amazing how fast they grow up.
Happy Birthday everybody.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

They are home again

The power came back on last night. DH got the well pump working and there was no busted pipes. One line had frozen but did not break. Everyone is happy again.

It was fun to have them around but we are glad the are in their own home for Christmas.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ice & Cold

We have lots of ice. The good thing is we have not lost power. The down side is my son's family does not have power. So we have 2 more adults, 6 kids, another dog (which our 2 dogs don't care for) and their cat is living with us. They said it may be Wednesday before they get power back. It really hasn't been too bad. Kind of fun to spend time with the grandkids. Karly is 2 and she is a riot. Definitely likes her Grandma. It is much harder on them than us. There house is only about 5 miles away so it is easy to run and get more clothes or toothbrushes, etc.

I just hope their pipes don't freeze. The wind chill is 28 below. That wouldn't be fun to go home to especially at Christmas.

Sara came home with us from church. She had plans to bake and to make candy with Grandpa. What is one more? They have been playing games and watching movies.

It sure makes it hard to finish up Christmas shopping. Plus I was making pillowcases. Maybe tomorrow I can sneak off to my sewing room without too many eyes following me.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Special Friend

Before I start on my story I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC!!!! He turned 8 today. When I talked to him tonight he said he wanted to celebrate Christmas Day. That way he could have double presents.

Now I have mentioned I host a doll swap on We just started a new round the middle of November. I had a person named Amanda sign up. When she emailed me her name and address she said she was surprised to find someone else from IN and told me the town she was from. When I emailed her back I told her I grew up about 20 miles from where she lives.

Then she emailed me back and gave me a name and asked if I knew him. I went into shock because it was my husbands brother. After a couple more emails it turns out Amanda is best friends with my niece Becky. I had heard about her and she knew some things about my family.
Kathi on had a secret Santa exchange and I got her name. I was so excited to get stuff for someone who I had a connection with. Sent my gift and she was real happy with it.

Today I got my package and it was from Amanda. We had each others names. Now how funny is that! My box weighed a ton and I couldn't figure out what she had in it. The post office lost money on that fre box. She had everything wrapped in pretty Christmas fabric.

Then put a pretty card on top. Super nice letter inside that made me laugh. She sounded like my niece when she explained her cooking.

There was a pretty musical snow globe.

There was another fabric wrapped present.

That turned into what made the package so heavy. I burst out laughing when I saw all my favorite goodies. I have already eaten a ton of Milky Ways! There are other candies that were in the bottom that did not show up in the picture. I gave my husband the Kit Kat.

There was a stack of fat quarters folded like trees. I want to take them apart slowly so I can figure out how to fold them myself. Thread Heaven, needle puller and a threader were there too.

So know I am thinking "Boy she really did so good. These are my favorite things." I am happy and very pleased. BUT she wasn't done yet. She was kind of sneaky!! Amanda has been reading my blog and knew I had seen Becky at our Thanksgiving dinner. So she emailed me asking about how it went and by the way what are the names and ages of my grandchildren that were in the picture I had posted. Innocent me told her about them.

Well she had my fooled. At the very bottom of my box was a doll quilt. I am not kidding. I started crying. She couldn't have given me anything more beautiful.

Isn't this just the greatest?

I have been wanting something with all their names but hadn't come up with a lay out because of having 11. She figured it out and I LOVE IT. My DH was running around saying where are we going to hang it. And by the way it was hand quilted. She did an awesome job.

Thank you Amanda for being such a wonderful friend. I have really enjoyed getting to know you.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots of Goodies

I have lots of good stuff to show off.

I went to a serger class tonight and made a Christmas Stocking. I even finished it tonight. It was fun. I really need to use my machine more. I have some presents in mind that will get me to use it. If I get them done.

I also got a Secret Santa present in the mail from Michele. The reversible bag was soo cute. The scissors I will use while traveling. I like to do bindings and hand work while riding in the car. The fq are very pretty and I love the kisses. She did good!!! Thanks Michele

I went to the ear Dr. the he cleaned the packing out of the outer ear and said it was coming along pretty good. I still have to put drops in 2 times a day for a couple more weeks. I go back on Dec 23. I sure hope it took. Now I can wash my hair without a hassle.

I need to get my tree up and decorate some. I don't think I will do too much. I hate putting the tree up because of all the dust etc. I usually have an allergy attack. What I really need to do is start sewing. There is always tomorrow I guess.

Friday, December 5, 2008

It was a big hit. Tracy got her quilt and she liked it. I was worried because it comes out wonky. The pattern is from Jo Morton's Club. It is hard to make a quilt for someone else. Thanks Tracy for you kind words.

I made another doll quilt. I decided to try my machine embroidery and practice machine quilting too. It turned out pretty good for my first time doing it this way.

Here is a picture of the embroidery. I hope it shows up.

Isaac came to spend the night. We are having the whole family Thanksgiving/Christmas tomorrow at my youngest son's house. He was playing around because we got Sandy a new dog bed.
She really likes it. But so does Isaac. He is not really asleep. Just goofing around.

More later.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

ALQS Received

I got my quilt from Becca. It is really pretty and her hand quilting is really good. I am trying to learn how to do it. Now I have a real good inspiration. Thanks Becca.

Thanksgiving was good. I sure was loud here. All 11 grandkids were here at the same time so Melissa took a picture. It is hard to do that many people at once.

Jeff and Becky flew to Phoenix Friday so we have their 2 kids Lucas and Cortney for the weekend. After we take them to school on Monday we are free again. Yeah. They haven't been bad at all. It is just out of our routine. I am just glad I have 2 computers, a game cube and a telephone!!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Now to get ready for Christmas.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I know for some of us it hasn't been the greatest year. We still have tons of things to be thankful for. We are all truly blessed.

The kids are coming over later in the day. With kids and grandkids we will have 19. Unless a couple boyfriends come but haven't heard of any yet. The big group of all aunts, uncles , nieces and nephews will be Dec 6 or 7 at my youngest son's house. It combines both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For an ear update. My stitches are out. The only restriction is I can not get water in it. I have to put drops in it twice a day for 2 weeks. The drops are supposed to dissolve the packing. I will see the Dr in 2 weeks. All in all it hasn't been to bad.

Have a Happy Holiday!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

I had a really good weekend. I haven't been out much since my ear. Which is doing good by the way. Stitches will come out Tuesday.

I started out by going with my 2 friends to The Creative Stitch in North Manchester. It was Jo Morton Saturday. Christine had a tea just like they had way back. Her and her family are into reenactments of the civil war. It is really quite interesting to hear her talk. She had her son Jonathan come in and give a first person talk about Willie Johnston who was the youngest person to ever receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. We had pound cake and tea. Chris said they would serve pound cake only if they had saved enough butter and sugar. She also said their tea came in bricks. We got our new patterns and will meet again in 2 months.

Saturday night Tony and Cindy came over for supper. They brought 4 of the girls with them. Chloe came later. I think Haylie was on a date. They usually don't come over unless everyone is here. This gave us so time to just visit with just them.
Tony and John planned out a wishful motorcycle trip out west. John is ready to go anytime but Tony would have alot more trouble going between money and time off. It sure would be fun for them to do it though.

Sunday we brought the 3 kids home with us from church. Melissa and Wes had a meeting and they came later. It is fun to have them sometimes when their parents aren't here. After lunch Jonathan and Grandpa fell asleep watching football, Sara went in to watch TV. Later she baked big Amish cookies. Isaac wanted to sew some more on his quilt. He could finally see some progress and he was really having fun.

He was singing and having a ball. I told him that he should name is quilt "Joy to the World" because that was what he was singing. But he didn't like that. He wants to name it "Isaac's First Quilt". He got all his blocks done. I told him I would square them up and next time he could start sewing it together.

After I had had enough Isaac was still in fabric mode. He started going through my stash picking out fabrics he wanted for an eye spy quilt and to see what he could find for the back of his quilt. He loves going in there and nose around. But it keeps him occupied.

I was tired by the time they all left Sunday evening but it really was a fun weekend.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ear Surgery

I had the hole in my eardrum fixed Friday. It wasn't to bad. Dr. said he did a little extra to try to make sure it worked this time. I had tried a paper patch before but it did not work. This time they cut me behind my ear and laid my ear open. I put if off for a long time because it was a little scary. But it wasn't bad. My ear started bleeding though Friday night. The Dr. on call said to change the bandage it would be OK. Well a bandage only lasted about 2 hours.

Saturday morning we were in the emergycey room for 3 1/2 hours. They ended up having to cauterize a corner of a flap the Dr. used in fixing the eardrum. The Dr. said it should not have any affect on the original surgery. I sure hope not.

Today it is just sore. I sure hope it works this time.

I finished 2 birthday blocks but didn't get them in the mail. I am running late as usual. This week I am going to get caught up with all the little projects. I have way to many BOMs. It is really hard to keep up with them.

This is Stacy's block. I really liked the purple.

This is Peggy's block. I thought it looked like a pretty butterfly. I hope they like them.

It is snowing tonight. I like to watch it snow. It is sticking to things but not staying on the ground.
It is nice when it starts but after a couple months you can't stand it anymore.

Well off to watch some TV and fall asleep again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karly's Birthday

This is Sandy. She likes to sit in my flower garden. Sandy and her sister Cassie knock down my fence. Right there in the corner is where all the kids in the neighborhood run by. Sitting in the sun is nice too. Sandy is really starting to show her age. We think she must be around 10.

I found a give away. Dana at Old Red Barn is giving away 3 quilts. I would love to win one. But I know I won't.

Today is Karly's birthday. She is 2. She loves babies.

I finished my ALQS quilt and mailed it off. I also sent my quilt in a bag off to Dee in Austrailia. She will make me a quilt and send it back. I told her to relax I am not picky. It should be fun. Here is the fabrics I sent.It will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not the day I thought

I have had a rough day. I thought I would get my ALQS done. All I need to do is put on the binding. I wanted to mail it tomorrow. But it never happened. I will finish it tomorrow.

What happened instead. My son-in-law wanted me to make numbers to put on wrestling uniforms so he could keep tabs on them. I wasn't sure how to do it because when I started I did'nt have the uniforms. So I made labels. He said he wanted a set from 1 - 20 and I made them Saturday. This morning at church he said he needed more. Another set of 1-9, 1-15, and 1-13.
I finally got them done. They came over after church and helped turn them right side out. But he also wanted me to sew them on. Over all I had over 8 hours making these little devils. I am tired!! But everyone is happy.

Tomorrow I have to pick out my colors for the Mini Quilt in a Bag. I had them picked out but I changed my mind. I am waiting for Dee to contact me with her email. I am a little nervous about doing it but it should be interesting.
Well I am off. I have a real busy day tomorrow. I think I will go soak in the tub for now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Doll Quilt

I got my doll quilt from the swap at Penny in Utah made it. I have admired her quilts ever since I joined the swap. I am really glad I have one from her. Thanks Penny.

Isn't it pretty?

I could have had my ALQS quilt done by now but the weather has just been so nice. My husband and I took off on his motorcycle instead. Yesterday we went south, today we went north. It was so nice riding. He really likes me to ride with him but sometimes it is nice for him to go and I stay home and sew.
When we got home I lost him. I looked everywhere and couldn't figure out where he went. I finally found him.

It was really hard to see him. He was sound asleep. Don't pay any attention to the messy house. We haven't had time to pick up. (Sounds good doesn't it?)

We went out for supper with friends. It was so much fun to just sit and talk after we ate. I think that is one of the hard things to get used to when you retire is not seeing other people. Ron and Sandy just retired about 6 months ago. I can't believe my husband has been retired for almost 2 years now. It has been about 18 months for me. The time sure goes fast.
Well have a good evening.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

My grandson Isaac is 8 and has never been Trick or Treating. They live out in the country and just never was a thing for them. His older brother and sister have only done it a couple times. Anyway he was coming in to spend the night and I asked if he wanted to go with his cousins. He was thrilled. This is our future President Isaac.

He meet the some of the other grandkids. Karly did not want to be a cow.
This is before she is a cow.This is while she is getting to be a cow.

She still wasn't to happy till she realized she got candy.
Chloe was a baby.

Amy was a dice.

And so was her sister Katie. They are quite a pair.

They are all ready to go.

You had to follow a path through a graveyard to get to these people's backyard. Katie was terrified. The guy in black is real the one in red is not. They really had a nice setup. The guy in black took his mask off so Katie could see who he was.

Back to Grandma's house to look at his loot. He really enjoyed himself.

Now I have to go sew about 15 tumbling blocks before my class tomorrow. I sure don't feel like doing it. I am tired!!
These are what I have done so far. The block on the right is for my BOM that I have to have turn in tomorrow.
Back to work.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doll Quilt Done

I am in a doll swap on I just got mine mailed to a swapper in Green Bay WI. I named mine "Butterscotch Ripple". I did not like it at first but kept sewing along. After awhile it grew on me and by the time the border was on I really liked it.

Now I have to finish my ALQS and get it into the mail. It will be completely different.