Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

My grandson Isaac is 8 and has never been Trick or Treating. They live out in the country and just never was a thing for them. His older brother and sister have only done it a couple times. Anyway he was coming in to spend the night and I asked if he wanted to go with his cousins. He was thrilled. This is our future President Isaac.

He meet the some of the other grandkids. Karly did not want to be a cow.
This is before she is a cow.This is while she is getting to be a cow.

She still wasn't to happy till she realized she got candy.
Chloe was a baby.

Amy was a dice.

And so was her sister Katie. They are quite a pair.

They are all ready to go.

You had to follow a path through a graveyard to get to these people's backyard. Katie was terrified. The guy in black is real the one in red is not. They really had a nice setup. The guy in black took his mask off so Katie could see who he was.

Back to Grandma's house to look at his loot. He really enjoyed himself.

Now I have to go sew about 15 tumbling blocks before my class tomorrow. I sure don't feel like doing it. I am tired!!
These are what I have done so far. The block on the right is for my BOM that I have to have turn in tomorrow.
Back to work.


Dee said...

Hi Bonnie, all your GK's look great in their costumes. I just thought I would drop you a quick hello as I think I'm your partner for the "Challenge in a Bag Mini Quilt Swap" Can't wait. Bit nervous though as this will be my first challenge. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, D :=)

Dee said...

Bonnie could you please put your email addy into a comment on my blog so I can email my details to you and I will promise not to publish it onto my blog and delete it after I get your email. As I don't know any other way to do this without our emails going public. Kind regards, D. :=)