Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Post

Yeah this is exciting. I have been working on my blog for about a month. Finally I have the courage to post.

I finished up my Shop Hop today. It was just a little one with 6 shops. I bought some Moda "For a Challenge" fabric.

It is so pretty. Don't know what I will do with it yet. It will probably be cut in large squares so I don't lose the birds.
I turned in my finished BOM so I could get my new ones. This was the first month. I couldn't decide on which color option so I did both.

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Bronwyn said...

A first post needs a first comment! Welcome Bonnie! I found your blog from the DQS5 list - are you a newbie to swaps too? They are great fun despite the angst of sewing the 'right' thing for your partner, then waiting for your own to arrive. The end results are usually fantastic! Keep the posts coming, especially with the largest photos you can post - it makes a lot of difference to the reader to have a big picture. (I like your blog background too - really interesting!)