Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

I had a really good weekend. I haven't been out much since my ear. Which is doing good by the way. Stitches will come out Tuesday.

I started out by going with my 2 friends to The Creative Stitch in North Manchester. It was Jo Morton Saturday. Christine had a tea just like they had way back. Her and her family are into reenactments of the civil war. It is really quite interesting to hear her talk. She had her son Jonathan come in and give a first person talk about Willie Johnston who was the youngest person to ever receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. We had pound cake and tea. Chris said they would serve pound cake only if they had saved enough butter and sugar. She also said their tea came in bricks. We got our new patterns and will meet again in 2 months.

Saturday night Tony and Cindy came over for supper. They brought 4 of the girls with them. Chloe came later. I think Haylie was on a date. They usually don't come over unless everyone is here. This gave us so time to just visit with just them.
Tony and John planned out a wishful motorcycle trip out west. John is ready to go anytime but Tony would have alot more trouble going between money and time off. It sure would be fun for them to do it though.

Sunday we brought the 3 kids home with us from church. Melissa and Wes had a meeting and they came later. It is fun to have them sometimes when their parents aren't here. After lunch Jonathan and Grandpa fell asleep watching football, Sara went in to watch TV. Later she baked big Amish cookies. Isaac wanted to sew some more on his quilt. He could finally see some progress and he was really having fun.

He was singing and having a ball. I told him that he should name is quilt "Joy to the World" because that was what he was singing. But he didn't like that. He wants to name it "Isaac's First Quilt". He got all his blocks done. I told him I would square them up and next time he could start sewing it together.

After I had had enough Isaac was still in fabric mode. He started going through my stash picking out fabrics he wanted for an eye spy quilt and to see what he could find for the back of his quilt. He loves going in there and nose around. But it keeps him occupied.

I was tired by the time they all left Sunday evening but it really was a fun weekend.

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Dee said...

Wow Bonnie, we have so much in common. Jaden is doing his first quilt also. He is 4. I'll have to send you some pics of him sewing his first quilt that he says is for me. Isaac looks like he is having a great time. How beautiful that another boy is enjoying sewing so much. D. :=)