Thursday, November 27, 2008


I know for some of us it hasn't been the greatest year. We still have tons of things to be thankful for. We are all truly blessed.

The kids are coming over later in the day. With kids and grandkids we will have 19. Unless a couple boyfriends come but haven't heard of any yet. The big group of all aunts, uncles , nieces and nephews will be Dec 6 or 7 at my youngest son's house. It combines both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For an ear update. My stitches are out. The only restriction is I can not get water in it. I have to put drops in it twice a day for 2 weeks. The drops are supposed to dissolve the packing. I will see the Dr in 2 weeks. All in all it hasn't been to bad.

Have a Happy Holiday!!

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