Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karly's Birthday

This is Sandy. She likes to sit in my flower garden. Sandy and her sister Cassie knock down my fence. Right there in the corner is where all the kids in the neighborhood run by. Sitting in the sun is nice too. Sandy is really starting to show her age. We think she must be around 10.

I found a give away. Dana at Old Red Barn is giving away 3 quilts. I would love to win one. But I know I won't.

Today is Karly's birthday. She is 2. She loves babies.

I finished my ALQS quilt and mailed it off. I also sent my quilt in a bag off to Dee in Austrailia. She will make me a quilt and send it back. I told her to relax I am not picky. It should be fun. Here is the fabrics I sent.It will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

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Dee said...

I feel very naughty bonnie having a sneak peek at your fabrics. I look forward to receiving them and mine went in the mail to you last Friday. I can't wait to get started on yours. D :=)