Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Special Friend

Before I start on my story I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC!!!! He turned 8 today. When I talked to him tonight he said he wanted to celebrate Christmas Day. That way he could have double presents.

Now I have mentioned I host a doll swap on We just started a new round the middle of November. I had a person named Amanda sign up. When she emailed me her name and address she said she was surprised to find someone else from IN and told me the town she was from. When I emailed her back I told her I grew up about 20 miles from where she lives.

Then she emailed me back and gave me a name and asked if I knew him. I went into shock because it was my husbands brother. After a couple more emails it turns out Amanda is best friends with my niece Becky. I had heard about her and she knew some things about my family.
Kathi on had a secret Santa exchange and I got her name. I was so excited to get stuff for someone who I had a connection with. Sent my gift and she was real happy with it.

Today I got my package and it was from Amanda. We had each others names. Now how funny is that! My box weighed a ton and I couldn't figure out what she had in it. The post office lost money on that fre box. She had everything wrapped in pretty Christmas fabric.

Then put a pretty card on top. Super nice letter inside that made me laugh. She sounded like my niece when she explained her cooking.

There was a pretty musical snow globe.

There was another fabric wrapped present.

That turned into what made the package so heavy. I burst out laughing when I saw all my favorite goodies. I have already eaten a ton of Milky Ways! There are other candies that were in the bottom that did not show up in the picture. I gave my husband the Kit Kat.

There was a stack of fat quarters folded like trees. I want to take them apart slowly so I can figure out how to fold them myself. Thread Heaven, needle puller and a threader were there too.

So know I am thinking "Boy she really did so good. These are my favorite things." I am happy and very pleased. BUT she wasn't done yet. She was kind of sneaky!! Amanda has been reading my blog and knew I had seen Becky at our Thanksgiving dinner. So she emailed me asking about how it went and by the way what are the names and ages of my grandchildren that were in the picture I had posted. Innocent me told her about them.

Well she had my fooled. At the very bottom of my box was a doll quilt. I am not kidding. I started crying. She couldn't have given me anything more beautiful.

Isn't this just the greatest?

I have been wanting something with all their names but hadn't come up with a lay out because of having 11. She figured it out and I LOVE IT. My DH was running around saying where are we going to hang it. And by the way it was hand quilted. She did an awesome job.

Thank you Amanda for being such a wonderful friend. I have really enjoyed getting to know you.

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Anonymous said...

You are very welcome! I ma glad you like your quilt, it was so much fun to make for such a wonderful person. It was fun having your name and getting to know you too! - Merry Christmas!!