Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ice & Cold

We have lots of ice. The good thing is we have not lost power. The down side is my son's family does not have power. So we have 2 more adults, 6 kids, another dog (which our 2 dogs don't care for) and their cat is living with us. They said it may be Wednesday before they get power back. It really hasn't been too bad. Kind of fun to spend time with the grandkids. Karly is 2 and she is a riot. Definitely likes her Grandma. It is much harder on them than us. There house is only about 5 miles away so it is easy to run and get more clothes or toothbrushes, etc.

I just hope their pipes don't freeze. The wind chill is 28 below. That wouldn't be fun to go home to especially at Christmas.

Sara came home with us from church. She had plans to bake and to make candy with Grandpa. What is one more? They have been playing games and watching movies.

It sure makes it hard to finish up Christmas shopping. Plus I was making pillowcases. Maybe tomorrow I can sneak off to my sewing room without too many eyes following me.

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