Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots of Goodies

I have lots of good stuff to show off.

I went to a serger class tonight and made a Christmas Stocking. I even finished it tonight. It was fun. I really need to use my machine more. I have some presents in mind that will get me to use it. If I get them done.

I also got a Secret Santa present in the mail from Michele. The reversible bag was soo cute. The scissors I will use while traveling. I like to do bindings and hand work while riding in the car. The fq are very pretty and I love the kisses. She did good!!! Thanks Michele

I went to the ear Dr. the he cleaned the packing out of the outer ear and said it was coming along pretty good. I still have to put drops in 2 times a day for a couple more weeks. I go back on Dec 23. I sure hope it took. Now I can wash my hair without a hassle.

I need to get my tree up and decorate some. I don't think I will do too much. I hate putting the tree up because of all the dust etc. I usually have an allergy attack. What I really need to do is start sewing. There is always tomorrow I guess.

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