Saturday, July 25, 2009

So far behind!!

I am just so far behind with everything. This is the pits!! Still having trouble breathing. I went back to the Dr. Thursday and another antibiotic and a new allergy medicine. I keep hoping it is working. I was better yesterday and got my mini quilt finished and mailed. I have missed a bag class, a backpack class, and 2 of my Crazy Compass classes. The crazy compass is an embroidery in the hoop quilt. Each class has 4 blocks that take some time to sew out.

I think I found one of my triggers that makes my breathing worse. I will stay away from it for awhile and see.

I guess we are still having problems. Chloe is doing really good with her eyes. She was almost ready to get back into the pool. BUT, she got her finger caught in the door and broke her pinky. Not only broke it but had to have 11 stitches!! We took Isaac over yesterday so he could sign Amy's cast and see Chloe's finger. Isaac said Amy walked like a penguin. She waddles.

Cindy said when we left to be careful walking out. Their house has been very hazardous lately.

Yesterday they put( DSIL) Wes's father in ICU. He has been in the hospital for about a month but he got worse yesterday. They have some big decisions to make today. Since we are closer to the hospital and easier for the kids they will be here for awhile.

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