Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to Normal I hope!

It has been a very hectic couple weeks but I think everything will settle down now.

It started on June 24 when I said we would take care of my DS's 4 girls. They wanted to get away to celebrate their 20th anniversary. So since I had the girls I thought I should have my DD's son too. What is one more? Well actually 2 more because Sara came to help. If we went anywhere we had to go in 2 cars and she can drive. It was really nice to have her help.

They stayed from Wed to Sunday night. It was alot of fun and they were all so good. But it was nice when they left.

Monday my DH passed a small kidney stone and I started coming down with broncitus. I am now on strong antiboitics, inhaler, predisone. YUCK

Wed afternoon DD's other son Jonathan started complaining of chest pains. She called and said they were bringing him down to have him checked out. Isaac and Sara came here while they took Jonathan to the emergycy room.

They gave him all kinds of tests and all came back normal but one. His heart enzymes were too high. They wanted him at the Heart Center for observation and more tests. They tested and tested and could not find out why is enzymes were so high.

Friday around noon they transferred him to Cleveland Clinic. We took Sara to her house to get clothes for the family then headed to Cleveland. That was a 5 hour plus ride there and 5 back. We just stayed long enough to see him settle in and so Isaac could see what was happening. We brought Sara and Isaac back home with us.

We got in at 2 am but they were still setting off fireworks in the neighborhood. Cassie our dog is scared of loud noises. Things finally settled down around 3. BUT our new neighbor decided to trim his bushes with a noisy electric hedge trimmer at 7 am. It was all I could do not to yell at him. We couldn't go back to sleep and we were dead tired. We sure did sleep Sat night though. The 4th is just a blur.

Sunday we go to church. It is a 45 min drive. We just get there and our DD calls and tells us that one of Jonathans tests got lost. Our hospital sent it overnight to Cleveland but sent it general delivery. No one could find it. Would we go back home, get a copy and bring it to them. So DH drops us off at Church goes back home to the hospital and comes and picks us up. Isaac doesn't want the long car ride so he stays with his cousins. Sara comes with us and decides to stay with Jonathan in Cleveland. He was starting to feel better and was getting very restless.

Today they did an intensive MRI and found that his heart is perfect there is not any damage. They think it was just a virus that attacked the sac in the back of his heart. He should be fine. His enzymes were so high 9.? (.1 is normal) that in an adult body the heart was have stopped. But it is different in kids. Plus he is in great shape and very healthy. He should be able to go back to sports in 4 to 6 weeks.

Now all we have to worry about is DGD Chloe is having an eye operation next Monday. They say it is minor but it is still scary.

It has not been a very good summer so far.


Misha said...

Oh my goodness, what chaos! Glad to hear things are settling down and he's doing better.

When you started talking about the dog I was afraid you were going to say she got loose and ran away. Wouldn't that have been the icing on the cake!?

And regarding the loud neighbor at 7am...maybe he was trying to pay back the noisy partiers from the night before. I know I was thinking of going down the street at 6 am myself to bang on some pots & pans as payback...but I restrained myself :D

black bear cabin said...

wow.....sounds like a lot of chaos, but im glad things turned out good! Hope you get caught up on some much needed rest :)
hugs to the family for quick recoveries!