Sunday, October 17, 2010

On vacation

Blogger won't let me edit this picture so bear with me.

We are taking a vacation to Myrtle Beach. This time we are staying for 2 weeks. The weather so far has been great. We have another week to go.

Before I left I was on a roll of finishing some UFO's. It really felt good!! Above is my Crazy Compass. It was all made in the embroidery hoop. It was on my design wall for over a year.
More UFO's that I got finished tomorrow.


Wilma NC said...

What a pretty quilt top!!! I envy you being at the beach. Where do you stay in Myrtle? We always go in the off season and stay at the Dunes. The rates are really cheap there and the units are great!!!!

Jeanie said...

Really spectacular quilt! And it's nice to have you posting again. Have a wonderful vacation!

black bear cabin said...

that is a beautiful quilt...i love the colors and the wonder you kept it on your design wall for so long...your probably loved staring at it! :) keep up the great work on all those ufos!