Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great Discussion

Over on my doll swap thread we had a discussion on what you consider an art quilt. When I have signed up for swaps I have always said I did not want "artsy quilts". Someone on the thread asked what we considered "artsy". The answers really surprised me. I do like most art quilts. The only ones I do not like are the abstract ones. I love the other art quilts like the one Marianne sent me. I have to reword my preferences.

Most of the swappers felt the same way as I did and have changed their preferences.

Things have sure been busy around here.

Sunday all the kids were here. DH made prime rib in the weber kettle. That usually brings in everyone. All but 2 were here. It is fun to have all the grandkids get together. They have so much fun together. But it sure get loud!!!

Monday and Tuesday Jonathan had wrestling matches. They were both good matches and he won. He has one tomorrow night too. It will be longer since it will be against 3 schools. I sure do enjoy watching him wrestle. Our youngest son Jeff was a wrestler in high school and he was fun to watch too.

Tonight we had dinner with friends from DH's golf outing. He is leaving Friday for Myrtle Beach. We took his bags over because one of the guys is driving. He takes the bags for everyone that is flying. That way they know they won't get lost. It sure was fun to sit and visit.

Maybe with him gone for a week I will get some sewing done. Wouldn't that be nice!!!

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