Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to Quilting

Along with everything else that has been going on, I have been sewing some. I thought I might try to catch people up.

When we went on vacation it was fun to pack with some bags I have made in the last couple months. When I showed my family they all want one. Do you have any idea how many bags that would be? I would need to start now for Christmas 2011.

I packed a bunch of quilts in the bottom bag. I planned on sewing down binding while he was driving in the car. I also took a couple into the lodge at night and worked on them there. It was to hot to do the big ones in the car but I did finish some doll quilts.

Two are Jo Morton Club quilts and the other two are duplicates of ones I have made for swaps. I have had to change them a little because I ran out of the original fabric.

I will have more tomorrow. There is just to much for one post.

BTW Jonathan ran his first high school CC meet. He placed 4th in JV and qualified for Varsity next meet. They have been having him at a slower pace since he couldn't run for 6 weeks or so this summer. It seems that everything is going good for him. I just love to watch him run!!


Susan said...

I love the floral wild n crazy bag!!

cookie said...

I love youre bags.