Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Got Mail

Yesterday I got my "Doll Swap 7" quilt from Shelli in Delaware. I just love it! She did a beautiful job on the quilting and the colors are fantastic. Mariners Compass is not one I have tried - yet - but sure do love them. Thanks Shelli.

My quilt went to Denise in California. It is one I had made before. I told Denise she was a triplet. She has a sister in IN and one in Australia

It is one of my favorites that I have made.

Since we came back from vacation I have been trying to catch up. I am in a "Crazy Compass" class that meet about every 2 week. I was doing pretty good till I missed 2 being sick and 1 from vacation. When I went last week I found that they had given out the last 4 patterns the week I was gone. So everyone had gone ahead and made their blocks. These blocks and all made in the embroidery hoop and take about an hour for each block. Each lesson has 4 identical blocks so that is alot of time. Then if you screw up like I have on some it takes even longer. They are looking pretty good but I don't know how it will look when I put them altogether. It is a quilt as you go. These are the sets I have completed. I have some partial ones done too.

More later. Back to sewing more of these blocks. Sure wish they were done.


black bear cabin said...

gorgeous colors on that mystery quilt you are making...cant wait to see how it turns out!
oh, and congrats on another wonderful quilt swap...your mariners compass is pretty!

Amanda said...

Those are great Boonie! Love the colors!

Jeanie said...

Beautiful blocks! Even though they are a lot of work now...think how great it will be to have them already quilted. Can't wait to see more!

Carol said...

Your blocks look pretty. i love the color combination.