Sunday, October 25, 2009

I finished the shop hop. Didn't get a whole lot. Just some fabric to help finish some projects. The drawing is tomorrow night. I sure would like the main prize. They are giving a $50.00 gift certificates from each shop. All 13!! Wouldn't that be fun!!

I haven't kept you up to date on Jonathan. He has been doing really good running. His cross country team went all the way to semi-state. He has worked himself up to being #4 on the varsity. That is really good for a freshman that had heart problems this summer. He was #95 Saturday. He said he would be lucky to break 100. The track was a real muddy mess. He had mud all over him. Now he starts wrestling.

We went for a nice bike ride on Wed. The weather has been so bad I hadn't been on since vacation. It is a shame because we really like riding in the fall. We usually do the shop hop on the bike. Maybe we can get in another one this week. If the weather stays nice.

Geta has a pretty little quilt she is giving away. She has a button on my sidebar. You need to check out her tutorials. She has a really good blog.

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