Friday, October 16, 2009

Time Flies

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. I was reading a blog from one of my followers. It said it had been 5 weeks since I last posted. Unbelievable!! But I have been awfully busy. I will try to do better.

Today I started our Shop Hop. There are 13 shops participating. My DH and I hit 3 today. The first store had 30% off a yard or more of fabric and 10% off everything else. I bought a panel and some fabric that goes with it.

I just liked the fabric on the right. Very pretty fall colors.
The next shop we went to had a new gadget I like and thought we would try it. It is a seat cushion that is supposed to help your lower back. It is made with the same material as the big exercise balls. When I went to the last retreat sitting on those hard chairs just about killed my back. DH likes to ice fish and sits on a little box. We will see if this will help. I can take it to class too. I will let you know if it works.
The last shop had books for 20% off and I got the book that went with the panel I got in the first shop. Maybe I can get the rest of the fabric in one of the other shops I will go to this next week.

They had a sample made up in the first shop and it was so cute.

Tomorrow we are going to go to Jonathan's cross country meet and then I am going with my friend to 3 more shops. Hope the weather gets better.

Also there is a nice giveaway. Take a look at the my side bar for the new button. She has a nice blog.


Amanda said...

Nice shop hop selections! Don't forget while you are out'n'bout to buy me sumpthin!! Hee hee.

Love all the fabrics you got - can't wait to see what else you find!

Geta Grama said...

Thank you, Bonnie, for adding my blog here.
You have a nice collection of new fabrics !

Jeanie said...

That seat cushion looks really interesting. Getting comfortable at a class is almost impossible. Let us know if it helps.