Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Birthday

We just celabrated Isaac's 9th birthday. Grandpa made him his favorite. An apple pie!!

We have been so busy getting ready for Christmas. We spent one day this week going to Chicago to the American Girl store. Amy wanted Santa to bring her the bitty twins. I guess they were sold out online. I figured they had them in the store. Couldn't get the blondes but did find the brunettes. When her Mom asked Amy if Santa could not bring the twins and brought another doll instead what would she do. Amy said she just would not play with it. As stubborn as she is she probably wouldn't. Santa is going to come through though.

Today Jonathan had a wrestling match. He got beat but it was a pretty even match. He put a scare in me though because he started having trouble breathing. I thought he got hurt. Come to find out he had an allergy attach. They cleaned the mats before his match and he is allergic to chlorine. It threw him off his game. It has been a frustrating year for him but he isn't doing all that bad. He is 15-2. That is not bad for a freshman.

Isaac wanted an apple pie and Jonathan wanted a peanut butter pie. Since Jonathan has 2 weeks till his next match and will have a 2 pound extra allowance Grandpa made him a peanut butter pie too.

Jonathan had been talking about his Grandpa's pie to his wrestling buddy Will. Some we are taking 2 pies to church tomorrow for him.

I have been sewing some things but have to wait to show pictures. I sure hope they like what I have made. I can't believe it is less than a week away.

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