Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quilts in the Mail

I haven't posted for awhile. But I have been busy. But I will tell you about that later.

My swap on about.com came to an end and I thought one of my gals wasn't going to get her quilt. I had made an extra of my pumpkin quilt so I sent it to Sandy. Her swap partner came through after all so Sandy had an extra of her quilt too. She mailed it to me. I was very lucky this last round. She did a good job and I really liked it. Thanks again Sandy!! Oops not the best picture.

Monday my geisha girl came in the mail. Margaret had a super LA deal so I sent her my quilt. She did a really good job. I just love it. She had really nice things to say about it here. Made me feel pretty good. I would highly recommend her to quilt your quilts.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We got to go to our oldest son's house. It felt so good not to have to cook and clean. DH did bake 2 apple and 1 peanut butter, and 1 pumpkin pie. They were very good. His crust is so thin and flakey. The grandkids just love the apple and peanut butter.

Friday and Saturday we went to Jonathan's wrestling meet. There were 10 teams there so he was to wrestle 5 times Friday and 4 times Saturday. We won all 5 matches Friday. Saturday morning he woke up with diarrhea. Took some amodium after weight in. He thought he was doing OK (but he wasn't) so he went and won 2 times before he called it quits because he was too sick. I don't see how he could do it.

He did very well for his first meet of the year. 7-0 is great for a freshman. Jonathan said that one of the guys he beat on Saturday was ranked 12th in the state. That sure pumped him up.

It was a long and tiring couple of days. I did work on my Dear Jane blocks during the breaks.

Other good news is I got my car back today. It took them a month to fix it. It seems just like new but I haven't driven it much. Hopefully it will be right.

BTW check out my new sidebar. I posted a give-away. There are so many to blog about that I thought this would be easier. If you like doll quilts you will love this one!!

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Jeanie said...

OOOOOOOhhhhhh......Margaret did a great job on your quilt! I'll bet you were so happy when you opened the package. I sure wish I had been able to send something to her at those great prices.

Display your quilt proudly. Between your quilt construction and her quilting, you have a masterpiece!