Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Birthday

I have lots to tell you about my birthday. I will do it over several posts. I don't want you to go asleep reading.

I got a sewing cabinet. It is so nice. I am waiting for the insert to fit my machine. It will be nice to be able to sew flat instead of up hill.

Don't let this fool you. My sewing room is not this neat. I took everything out of the room and dumped it. Now I have to go back and put everything away. Man I hate doing that. I have too many projects out.

I would have put everything back already but came down with a nasty cold. I am just starting to feel better. We are going to be gone tomorrow so I guess Friday will be clean up day.

I am behind on my quilt in a bag I need to make for Dee. I plan on working on that Monday. My doll swap on is over and I am taking a little time out before the starting the next one. Maybe I can get caught up on some projects.

If anyone is interested the next doll swap will be Spring Fling. We sure had some pretty quilts on the Winter Wonders swap. I am going to try to post some pictures. I should post in the next couple weeks.

More about my birthday tomorrow.


Wilma NC said...

Nice table. It does make quilting alot easier to be sure!!

Jeanie said...

Hope you had a nice birthday, Bonnie!
Even though you have to bring things back in your sewing room, for awhile, at least, things will be neat!